Leaving Laodicea
208 - Hosea: A Living Epistle

208 - Hosea: A Living Epistle

June 15, 2013
The life of Hosea is a frightening picture of how we treat God and how He must grieve over our idolatry, sin and spiritual adultery.  But it is also a wonderful picture of grace and the all-encompassing love of God.

In essence, the message of Hosea is:

1.  God suffers when His people are unfaithful to Him.
2.  God cannot tolerate or condone sin.
3.  God will never cease to love His own.
4.  God will seek to win back those who have forsaken Him.

But there is so much more in this Old Testament book.  Keep listening and find out more.

The following is a study of Hosea 1:1-11.
099 - Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

099 - Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

November 4, 2009
Marriage was the single most important social event in the Biblical world— one that was eagerly anticipated by everyone in the community.
It was generally divided into three phases:  
One, the betrothal or engagement.  
Two, the presentation of the bride.  
And three, the actual ceremony where the vows were exchanged.

"So, why the history lesson?" you ask.

Because this is exactly like the marriage spoken of in the Revelation... and you and I are not just invited, we're the bride!

The following is a study of Revelation 19:1-10
095 - A Picture of True Salvation, Part One

095 - A Picture of True Salvation, Part One

September 26, 2009
You know, some of the most complex and influential stories actually begin in the simplest ways.  Take this one for example:

And He said, "A man had two sons."

That's it.  "A man had two sons."  And from this small beginning, Jesus weaves a master parable that will challenge and change the way you view salvation, forgiveness and eternal life.  And He will change them totally!

Are you interested in hearing more? 

The following is a study of Revelation 19:1
083 - Batter Up!

083 - Batter Up!

June 21, 2009
Church offers the things women crave: safety, relationships, nurturing, and close-knit community. The rules are: be nice. Be sensitive. Be gentle. We promise a personal relationship with a man who loves you unconditionally.

On the other hand, men need adventure, challenge and risk – but these things are discouraged in church.  Any man who tries to bring risk into his local congregation will quickly find himself in the gun sights of a longtime member. 

Sound familiar?  I thought it might.

The following is a study on Fatherhood
081 - What I Want My Children to Know

081 - What I Want My Children to Know

June 7, 2009
If you received the dreaded results from your medical test and found out you only had a couple of weeks to live, what message about Christ would you want to leave to your kids?

What truths about your relationship with the Lord would you want to instill in your children while you still can? 

What are the bedrock beliefs you have that cannot be shaken, that have stood the test of time?  Do you have any?
And, if you do, what are they?

The following is a study on Absolute Surrender
073 - Your Kids are Not Your Kids

073 - Your Kids are Not Your Kids

March 27, 2009
Parenting and, better yet, grandparenting is an incredibly wonderful thing. 

But what happens when you love your kids more than you love the Lord?  Are you doing them a favor?  Are you being unloving to your children and family when you place your affections towards them before your devotion to the Lord?  I mean, is that a good thing to do?

Have you ever thought about the dire consequences of that kind of misplaced love?  Scripture has some frightful examples of just this kind of misplaced love. Want to learn more?

The following is a study of Aaron's sons
066 - Lessons Learned from Edna Cannon

066 - Lessons Learned from Edna Cannon

December 18, 2008
On Friday, December 5th, Edna Falls Cannon, 91, formerly of 3809 Linwood Road, passed away at the Robin Johnson Hospice House of Dallas.
She was a native of Gaston County and the daughter of the late Bruce and Sarah Elizabeth Foy Falls.

"So what?" you say.  "I didn't even know her.  What can I learn from the death of Edna Cannon?"

Ah, much.  Listen and find out.

The following is a study on the Joy of Heaven
065 - The View from Inside the Tomb

065 - The View from Inside the Tomb

December 12, 2008
Lazarus was dead and in the tomb for four days before Jesus made His way back to Bethany to raise him from the dead.  Four days!  That's like a really long time!

Did you ever wonder what Lazarus did during those four days? Or maybe what it must have been like to wake up in the tomb, strapped to a gurney, wrapped in rotting grave clothes?  Sounds like the making of a B rated horror film, doesn't it? 

Take a listen with us and let's see Lazarus' view from inside the tomb.

The following is a study of John 11
041 - Radical Christian Living

041 - Radical Christian Living

January 13, 2008
The Acts record the church life of the early church as being radically different than church life today.  Consider, for example:
And all those who had believed were together and had all things in common; and they began selling their property and possessions and were sharing them with all, as anyone might have need.

You know, that's pretty radical living!
Can I trust you enough to live that way?  Or, if I do, am I going to end up abused, forgotten, abandoned and alone?

Good question.  You got a good answer?

The following is a study of Acts 2
025 - The Downside of Love

025 - The Downside of Love

July 2, 2007
"Downside?  What downside?" you ask. "How can there be a downside to love?"

Simple.  Sometimes love, if wrongly focused, can turn into misplaced loyalty... uh, which almost always leads to a profound tolerance of sin.  And just think, we do all this under the guise of "love". 

Does that seem harsh to you?  Maybe heartless?  A bit intolerant? 

Well, it is.  And it comes from the very lips of the Lord.

Tune in to find out more.

The following is a study of Revelation 2:18-29