Leaving Laodicea
127 - The Coming Darkness

127 - The Coming Darkness

August 22, 2010
Be warned. The judgment of God is coming to America... and may already have begun.  When God brings judgment (calamity) it often helps to remember the big picture:

1.  All calamity is the result of sin. 
2.  Sometimes God brings special calamity as a judgment of sin. 
3.  Before calamity strikes, God always warns His people. 
4.  God is patient. So patient that many begin to feel that judgment won't happen. 
5.  Before judgment, God is ready to forgive those who come to Him on His terms.

Ready or not, here it comes!

The following is a study on the Coming Darkness.
091 - Why are we making peace with the Beast?

091 - Why are we making peace with the Beast?

August 20, 2009
Contrary to what has been the popular position for the last 40 years or so, the anti-Christ may not come from the revived Western segment of the Roman Empire.  No, he may actually come from the Eastern segment.  And he may be a Muslim.

Does that sound politically incorrect?  Well, it is.  It flies in the face of much of what our compromised media, the Laodicean church and our president is telling us.  And if that is true, then we as a nation are doing our best to make peace with the Beast.  God help us all.

The following is a study of the Antichrist.