Leaving Laodicea
161 - Time to Man-Up, Dude

161 - Time to Man-Up, Dude

September 27, 2011
Sometimes when we view God we have a selfish, sinful, Laodicean tendency to think that He is just like us.  After all, we bend over backwards to cut our kids slack because we want them to like us and... uh, I guess that's how God deals with us.  Wrong. 

Then we continually make excuses for sinful behavior and just chuck it all up to the mantra of, "you know how kids are these days" or "boys will be boys" or "that's just the way I am"... and we think and pray that God views our sin the same way.  Again, wrong. 

God is not created in our image.

And it's high time to man-up.

The following is a study on the Holiness of God.
160 - The Horrid Condition of the Human Heart

160 - The Horrid Condition of the Human Heart

September 26, 2011
Some people feel that the Scriptures no longer speak to us today.  That the answers it offers are to questions we no longer ask. 

Really?  Try this one on for size. 

Question from Romans 6:  If it is true that the Law convicts and condemns, and if I am now free from the Law and under grace... then it would stand to reason that I am free from any moral restraint in my behavior. 

In other words, if the law no longer needs to be obeyed, and if God's grace covers all my sins, then I (and all Believers) are perfectly free to do as we please and sin to our heart's content.

The following is a study on Romans 6:15-23.
153 - Rewards in Heaven? Oh, Yeah!

153 - Rewards in Heaven? Oh, Yeah!

May 16, 2011
Just because we live in the age of grace doesn't mean that works do not play into the Christian life.  After all, Scripture clearly teaches that we will be rewarded for our deeds done in the flesh... or, our works. 

Oh yes, there is a Bema seat judgment where we will be judged by the Lord for our works and we will receive our rewards. 

In fact, the promise of receiving rewards from the hand of Christ was an incredible motivator for the apostle Paul and countless other heroes of the Christian faith throughout the centuries. 

What?  You think that sounds self-promoting and selfish?  Then listen on.

The following is a study on the motivation of Heavenly Rewards.
147 - You are Not the Apple of God’s Eye

147 - You are Not the Apple of God’s Eye

March 4, 2011
Let me ask you a couple of questions:  

What advantage is there in going to church?  What advantage is there in having Christian parents?  In going to Christian school, listening to Christian music or only viewing Christian movies? 

What does it all matter if none of what we do on the outside brings an eternal change on the inside?  This was the same question Paul put to the church in Rome concerning being a Jew and having the traditions and the Law.  In fact, Paul's answer might surprise you.  He says, "Much indeed!"  Really? 

Want to know more?  Keep listening.

The following is a study on Romans 3:1-8.
142 - “I Think it Means What it Says!”

142 - “I Think it Means What it Says!”

January 29, 2011
A couple of quick questions: 

Are you tired of living the high points of your spiritual life on the backs of long-ago, past dead Christian heroes?  You know, we talk about the child-like faith of George Muller, the courage of Corrie Ten Boom or the single-minded devotion of Jim Elliott... but what about us?  What about you and me?  What would you give to live the truly "abundant life" that Jesus held out before His disciples? 

Do you think a life like that is possible?  For you?  For anybody? 

And if it is, what must we do to enter into the realm of spiritual fervency that produces the kind of spiritual fruit the Lord longs for?

The following is a study on Psalm 1.
141 - “I have sinned against the Lord!”

141 - “I have sinned against the Lord!”

January 11, 2011
When we sin, there are three people we need to ask for forgiveness. 

The first, obviously, is the Lord.  And He promises in 1 John 1:9 to "forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 

The second person is, of course, the one whom we've hurt.  We are to go to our brother and ask their forgiveness for whatever we have done against them.  And, they will either forgive us... or not. 

The last person we need to forgive is ourselves.  And often this is the hardest.  But if Christ has already forgiven us and we refuse to do likewise, does that make our standards of forgiveness higher than His?  Great question.

The following is a study on Psalm 51.
136 - I Just Wanna Be God’s Waterboy

136 - I Just Wanna Be God’s Waterboy

November 25, 2010
When Paul began his letter to the church in Rome he called himself a "bondslave" to Christ.  Did you ever wonder what that phrase meant?  Bondslave?  Voluntary slave?  One who places himself in total submission to another... voluntarily and for love?  That's exactly how Exodus 21 describes him. 

So, what is your relationship to Jesus? 

Are you a servant of His... you know, where you work 9 to 5 with weekends off?  Or, are you His slave... where every action, thought and possession of yours belongs to your Master, the One who bought you for Himself for a great price?

The following is a study on Romans 1:1-2.
134 - Choose Life

134 - Choose Life

October 3, 2010
Life is full of choices: 

What to eat for dinner? 
Where to go on vacation this year?  
Who should I marry?  
What college do I want to go to?  
What do I want to do with my life?

The Scripture is also full of choices: 

Whom will you serve?  
Which path will you take?  
Will you follow the call of the Lord?

There is also a choice we must make between life and death, the blessing and the curse.  Listen as we learn to choose life.

The following is a study on Living Above the Culture.
122 - The Werewolf Chronicles

122 - The Werewolf Chronicles

July 5, 2010
Did you ever take the time to see just how much the Scriptures say about the sin and consequences of pride?  It's overwhelming.  Convicting.  Down right scary.

First, the Lord Himself calls pride an abomination. 

Then the Proverbs are chocked full of warnings to the proud, the arrogant and the boastful.  Adam and Even fell because of pride.  Satan was cast from heaven because of pride.  And the Old Testament gives us, over and over again it seems, detailed personal portraits of great leaders brought low... real low, because of the sin of pride. 

Nebuchadnezzar was just one. 

This is his story.

The following is a study on Daniel 4:1-37.
095 - A Picture of True Salvation, Part One

095 - A Picture of True Salvation, Part One

September 26, 2009
You know, some of the most complex and influential stories actually begin in the simplest ways.  Take this one for example:

And He said, "A man had two sons."

That's it.  "A man had two sons."  And from this small beginning, Jesus weaves a master parable that will challenge and change the way you view salvation, forgiveness and eternal life.  And He will change them totally!

Are you interested in hearing more? 

The following is a study of Revelation 19:1