Leaving Laodicea

112 - Sunday School Faith Just Ain’t Gonna Cut It!

February 14, 2010
Over and over again in the last chapter of the Revelation we see the red ink words of Jesus saying, in effect, "I am coming soon." 

But do we really believe that?  Do we really think His return is imminent or do we push it off into the dark recesses of our minds to worry about another day?  But look around.  Can't you see the signs of the times?  Don't you see our society unraveling at its core?  And if He is coming soon, then we can expect dark, perilous times ahead. 

Are you ready?  You need to be.  'Cause Sunday School faith ain't gonna cut it when the great deception comes.

Listen and find out.

The following is a study on Revelation 22:6-12.