Leaving Laodicea

143 - Dialectic or Didactic Reasoning

January 31, 2011
In the first chapter of Romans the Lord lays out for mankind, saved and unsaved, the inevitable death spiral of sin.  He says that God gives man up to the (1) lusts of their hearts, the (2) vile passions (revealed in the sin of homosexuality) and finally the (3) debasement of their very minds.  Pretty sobering stuff. 

But why does this teaching have so little effect on the church or the culture at large?  Why do we read it and, pretty much, just blow it off?  It could be that we are reading the Scriptures dialectically and not didactically which, by the way, is how it was originally written. 

Confused?  Well, hang with us just a bit longer.

The following is a study on Romans 1:19-23.